Exploring Future Scenarios with the Changing Climate

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Wildfires in the Pacific NorthWest. Photo by Jeremy Perkins on Unsplash

The growing number of high-intensity acute physical hazards like wildfires and floods have been a source of increasing alarm and concern for public and commercial interests alike. Right now, an explosion of global meteorological measurements from geospatial data sources is creating an enormous amount of actionable intelligence about climate change. Analysts and decision makers can use this new information to make better decisions on climate related policy, planning, and sustainable investing. …

Aggregated building change heatmap over Eastern China
Aggregated building change heatmap over Eastern China
Aggregated building change heatmap over Eastern China // © 2019, Planet Labs Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Recent innovations in agile aerospace have created unique offerings in high cadence satellite imagery. While this is of immense interest to imagery analysts, a significant portion of GIS professionals and geo-data scientists work less with raster data (AKA imagery) and more with point and vector data.

A Tale of Two Communities

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[Top Left] Growth in commercial EO satellites in operation (source: Euroconsult) [Bottom Left] Annually published AI papers: 9x increase in number of research papers in AI (source: Forbes, Scopus) [Right] Growth in Analytics research efforts on remote sensing data (source: Deep learning in remote sensing applications)

The past decade has seen an explosion of new sources of Earth observation (EO) data that has enabled new forms of analyses, driven by remote sensing scientists. We have also seen tremendous growth in research, commercialization and enterprise adoption of scaled deep learning-powered computer vision (CV) capabilities, driven by researchers, computer scientists and computer vision practitioners. …


Gopal Erinjippurath

(geo)Data Scientist | Entrepreneur | Designing Climate Intelligence SaaS https://www.linkedin.com/in/gopalerinjippurath

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