The High Tide (The Arranged Love — Part 4)

We bid each other a good bye and took our cabs back home. I had put-on my earphones and was staring through the glass. Suddenly, the city with it’s night lights looked awesome. Every person passing by looked happy. I even loved the traffic that day. As soon as I reached, I texted her:

Me: “Reached safe?”

Her: “Hi..yes ..thank you too must have reached by now ?”

Got an immediate reply. God! You don’t know how good it feels like.

Me: “Yup reached… Had a great Sunday evening 🙂”

Her: “I too.. feeling light now 🙂”

Me: “Hope it helped ur decision making 🙂”

Her: “ inputs to feed to my decision making program 😉”

That was too software-ist, although both are Software developers. She is ‘C’ and I’m ‘Java’

Me: “Haha… I guess embedded C programs r complex than Java ones 😉”

Her: “Haha you are not wrong 😁, getting late good night 🙂”

Me: “Looking forward for our next meet. Good night 🙂”

And then I waited for a while, seeing her online, waiting for one last text. I really wanted to extend that conversation. She went offline. Huh!

I think I had an explosion inside and my happiness hormone must be oozing out. By this time, you must be guessing what I would do, when I cannot contain my emotions. Share them with my art. I pulled an all nighter, recorded and mixed this and sent it with a tag line:

“Now this one is actually to impress 😉”

It had her eyes as the cover picture for the song and sent this early in the morning. She was alarmed seeing it.

Her: “Hey! Why my eyes!?”

Me: “😀 Just like that. And don’t worry, I wouldn’t post it publicly, exclusively for you mam!”

Her: “😁”

Me: “You got such an awesome eyes! They helped me reduce my retakes while recording”

Her: “Haha! Thanks for the compliment 😊. I am getting ready for the office, will listen to your song and let you know your marks 😉”

Me: “😁 Ok have a good day!”

Her: “You too 🙂”

My days were no more routine, although they actually are routine but I was different and everything around looked different. Whenever I listen to some romantic music, it felt like those love fairies flying around my head. It was a long day and I was eagerly waiting for her message. Late in the evening, she pinged.

Her: “Your song has been ringing in my ears 🙂”

Me: “Thank you, such an honor 😀”

Her: “Loved it!”

Me: “How was your day?”

Her: “Pretty tiresome! Had to work late. What time do you usually sleep?”

Me: “I am a nocturnal, I love night time, so would like to spend as late as I can”

Her: “Oh! I am already feeling sleepy. I at-least need a sleep of 10 hours a day 😁”

Me: “haha! I sleep late and wake up late!”

Her: “Hmm..early to sleep.. early to rise 🙂”

Me: “Nocturnals r Brainies u knw 😎”

Her: “But they are not the only brainies 😉”

Me: “Ya I guess sleeping 10 hrs gives Brain with Beauty 😉”

Her: “Haha! Good one! bed time now..need to get some beauty sleep 😉. Good night 🙂”

Me: “Good night 😇”

Those were the days I felt like sleeping less and living more. I use to jump out of my bed early, and she was the first thought every morning. I use to open my eyes to her picture.

Me: “Good morning Cinderella 🌞”

Her: “Cinderella 😯”

Me: “Haha! She is a sleeping beauty”

Her: “Trying to flirt huh!”

Me: “Ayo no! excuse my rookie skills 😛”

Her: “hmm got up so early!”

Me: “Yup! Having my morning coffee. I have this fantasy to wake up before my wife and brew her a cup of coffee. Now that she is an early riser, I got to habituate that too! 😉😁”

Her: “Over-confidence! 😁”

Me: “😛”

Her: “So you drink coffee daily?”

Me: “Hmm! Ya I’m a Java developer, they say coffee is good for code 😉”

Her: “No no! Caffeine is not so good…it makes your bones brittle in long run it doesn’t allow your body to absorb vitamin D”

Doctor mode on!!

Me: “Oh! Really!”

Her: “It’s like a drug which instantly activates your brain nerves and when they become Normal, it actually strains it”

Me: “Oh! is it! Ya, it is a drug for sure. But if you want me to quit, I will do it right away! 🙂”

Her: “😁 You’ll make any promise at this stage”

Me: “I shall stand by it as well! Bye bye coffee.”

I just took one more sip and poured the rest of my cup in sink.

Her: 😊😊

And hence proved, a lot can happen over a cup of Coffee! Although, for many days it felt like the coffee machine was calling me like those Conjuring dolls in horror films.

To be Continued…The Uphill (The Arranged Love — Part 5)

Originally published at on February 14, 2018.



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