How we Built one of the most successful Desktop 3D Printer manufacturing companies in India!-Part 1

The latest batch of chassis has arrived at our workshop. We have stock of all the components that we are going to assemble. I have an order book that says that I cannot take any more orders for this batch and anyone who wants to buy a ‘Pramaan 3D Printer’ will have to wait for a while until the next batch of production starts. My team members check the chassis and look for imperfections in manufacturing. But there are none. They just start putting nuts and bolts together, the electronics guys start working around the soldering station and the whole process looks very streamlined to me. The next batch will probably roll out 10X faster than the previous batches and we will be able to deliver them to the guys who are waiting impatiently to get there hands on the first robot that they have ever bought. As I see every one working with delight with there eyes fixed on what they are doing, my thoughts take me to the first few days when I had started this company in a small garage office next to my college.

Things were not easy back then. We did not know how to get money to buy our first DIY kit, we did not have knowledge of any manufacturing process, we did not know what the components in the 3D Printer are, even if we knew a few of them, we had no idea of where to purchase them from. Even if we solved all the hurdles of what goes in a 3D Printer, we had no idea how to calibrate it, optimize it, code it and make a product that I can present to a buyer and he will accept it. Even before selling the first product, tons of paperwork is required and that was another tricky process. I also came across two words, ‘sales and marketing’ and they told me it is like the lifeline of the company and keeps your breath from stopping.

As I think of those times and how we as a team conquered every single difficulty one by one and acquired our first hundred customers, I feel there is a story that I should tell. This story is important because it will help future hardware Entrepreneurs not to reinvent the wheels that I had reinvented and take smarter decisions that I have learnt to take over a period of time.

Watch this space and I promise I will narrate my story in depth and you will get to know the highs and lows of an Indian Hardware Entrepreneur who started up in college with no money or experience.

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