Two things that are not so important.

Two things people think will make one successful which I believe not so important are

  • Fluency in language
  • Common sense

I said not so important because those things are important but not so important. Well you will know what I mean in a minute.

Being fluent in a language alone doesn’t make you successful. If you know how to say “I know how to make icecream” in Spanish and you don’t know exactly how to make icecream the end result is you don’t know how to make icecream.

I have problem with languages other than my mother tongue. Most of the people learn English or Hindi from television and other audio medium. I was unable to learn like that because of my hearing problem. My best learning medium is reading and writing.

Attending Young India Challenge in Mumbai where people from all over the country, speaking different languages gathered together taught me one thing. Language fluency is not exactly a barrier. If the idea you are sharing matters, people will listen to you with patience and they don’t give a damn about how you talk. What you talk will matter the most.

A famous English man who had problem with grammer once said something like this.

“English is what we Englishmen speak, grammer will follow. “

Who he is or what he exactly said I don’t remember. I know what he meant.

By common sense I mean the things like earth goes around the sun or the latest scam scrolling in the news channels or how to operate a washing machine. Well people who say that I don’t have common sense refers to such things that I don’t know are the essential common knowledge one should have.

The only things matters are the things that helps one to solve a problem. What worked for me is ignoring all unnecessary things and giving 100% focus on what’s important.

Idea about something is like ice. Keep it outside for long it will melt down. That’s why I think we forget a lot of things in time. Convert the idea into an output, a product it will help to solve a problem and earn you some money.

If you have a great idea or have a great mindset but you don’t do the necessary work to produce an output from it, save someone, solve a problem then there is no use having it.