What we often hear as ‘normal’ ‘average’ ‘good’ ‘excellent’ are relative. Are these standards not related to the person, group or nation, making the reference? Yes, I suppose it is.

What is generally the purpose of most parents in sending their wards to school?

  • Is it to grow up to be a wise adult?
  • Is it to learn rules of society and mature oneself?
  • Is it to learn science, arts or some commerce?
  • Is it to learn the behaviour acceptable to all?
  • Or is it to take EXAM and come out with flying colours (by hook or crook) and go on to higher studies?

The child who pass with such flying colours necessarily need not emerge out as PT Ushas or Ustab Zakhir Hussain. Lata Mangeshwar possibly was not the brightest student of her class. I had a third class in SSLC and degree. Yet I got a distinctive in Post Graduation. I suspect at times that the genius in me is yet to be brought out.

Let us take PT Usha, who is in total command of her mobility and manual dexterity. Have you not found her running style great and watching it a treat? Her eyes are like that of an eagle to coordinate distance and speed to reach for the objective, agreed? Her eyes and brain match perfectly, sending flash messages to last muscles and nerves of her leg. She fine tunes her ears, and from the impact of the feet, goes on to exploit her tactile sense. Here, she puts to use all the senses to her advantage.

Some questions to ponder on

  • Are we different?
  • How many of our sense organs work perfectly?
  • How many languages can we speak? Two/ Three/ Ten / Forty?
  • Can we Paint, Play Piano, or a Saxophone, a Flute? Whistle or Speak loudly?
  • Can we Sing, Dance or at least Run a mile non stop?
  • Through smell, how many can perfectly identify a dish being cooked?
  • How many of us can tell what all has gone into a dish you eat deliciously?
  • By touch can we tell in darkness who it is? Or discriminate a wheat grain from rice?

For what the genius does, we too have the potential to do it.

A few years ago, we only had Mohd. Rafi, whereas today we have many many more like Arman Malik, Sonu Nigam, Shreya and the list is crossing hundreds — thanks to national television. So we have today, greater chance of exploiting our senses and identifying our extra ordinary skills and talents. We can realise the potential with which we are born, with the assistance of our great teachers.

How do we realise the potential in a child?

Do you know all Learnings take place from the messages carried by the five sense organs to brain?

Doesn’t the brain store every message sent by a sense organ-may be eyes, nose, ears, hand or tongue?

Do we use our past experience and stored wisdom to interpret and understand a fresh message sent by a sense organ? Even as simple thing as taking a hot cup of tea poured into a thin weightless plastic glass needs some skill.


  • Do you think a parent over dominates? Interferes too much with the growth of the child
  • Do you think greater freedom will allow the child to experiment and discover?
  • Do you think many failures are steps to success and source of experience?
  • Do you think children can do many things better than us?
  • Do you think in every child in your class there is something special and different from others?
  • Do you think that we do justice in allowing sensual optimisation of every child?
  • Do you think every student in your class has the fear of failure?

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