Showing off my gray hair

I am going through a transition phase as I have decided to stop coloring my gray hair. I had no clue it was this bad.. wait a minute.., bad? It was supposed to be like this and something or some situation made me fight against it. It wasn’t my decision to make it like this.

I can guarantee it is not easy to deal with those sympathetic looks of friends and colleagues. Strangers had no clue how you looked.

How do I deal with it? Are those few hairs or its color decides your personality? Rather it should be my guts to be my natural self which should.

My brother triggered me to find the new me he says ‘it is freedom.’

I keep getting second thoughts when I wake up see myself in the mirror, then my wife assures me by saying ‘wait for a few more days and you will get used to it. That is the truth.. I am not used to it.

A monkey declares to the world that he is a monkey has no stress at all; where as when he acts like a tiger, he is under extreme stress when his natural monkeyness comes out. It is remarkable how nature knows what is best for you. So don’t fight it.