Story about to say Why we should ignore idiots

I came across this story through an online channel. I felt its a good read. Try it for yourself.

One day, a young arrogant warrior approached a wise Samurai as he was teaching his students.

“You are an old fool, you have no strength left. I’ll knock you down with one blow”,

the young warrior bragged.

The Samurai ignored him and continued with his lesson. After ranting and raving for a while, the young warrior left since the Samurai didn’t pay attention to him.

The students were mad at their master.

“Master, why did you tolerate his insults, you should have challenged him to a fight.”
He asked them, “If someone brings you a gift and you don’t take, to whom does it belong?”.
“To the one who offered it”, they answered.
“Its the same with envy and insults. If you refuse to accept them they belong to the one who offered them”.
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