How do we prevent atrocities against women?
Gopu Parameswaran Nair

A great post, Gopu, and a profound question. As with anything, I believe we can each do our own part. I am a mother and have two young sons. I teach them to respect people’s physical boundaries. I challenge the gender stereotypes they bring home and absorb from our culture. I am patient with them as they struggle to learn about their emotions and encourage and show them how to communicate what they are feeling in effective ways. I want to raise two men who are curious about the world, respect other people’s boundaries, are emotionally aware and can communicate effectively, are able to be vulnerable, and are able not feel threatened by confident women or men. I want this for them not just to make this world a better place, but for them. The skills and values I want to impart on them will, I hope, also make the relationships that they have deeper and richer. This is a tall order, I know. My training as a marriage and family therapist is helpful. I know I can not change the world, but I can start with myself and my own family. May we all try and do the same!