Introducing Go PlayAlong 4

It’s been over eight years since the very first version of Go PlayAlong has been released, and we’ve collected an enormous list of feature requests during the past years. By reading all your feedback, one can feel a good vibe coming from the guitar player community, accompanied with a wealth of creative ideas. For that, we feel extremely thankful!

Transcribing music more efficiently

We were quite excited to notice, that many of the requests are coming from guitar schools, guitar teachers and trained musicians transcribing music by ear. Go PlayAlong is often used as a validation tool during the transcribing workflow. While working on a song in Guitar Pro, the same score is loaded into Go PlayAlong and synced with the original audio. Once you’ve made some modification in the editor, you can refresh the song in Go PlayAlong (CTRL or CMD + R) and start playing the new section together with the original audio. It’s a really simple and effective way to get instant feedback and to hear if you’ve transcribed the notes correctly.

And we think that we can make your workflow even more efficient! In GPA4, you have the ability to mix the original audio and a MIDI synth playing the notes you’ve just transcribed. You can, for example, pan the original audio to the left channel, the transcribed notes to the right channel, and play them together at the same time. This way you can hear every single mistake quite precisely.

If that’s not enough, we’ve also added a shiny new colorful spectrogram to the sync interface. The spectrogram displays the notes that are present in the original audio, while you can see the transcribed notes on a second layer.

Sync Mode with Piano Roll

Full Automatic Syncing, Retina Support and Standard Notation

While transcribing has been proved to be an effective method for learning music, it’s not everyone’s way to go. Our amazing community gave some precious feedback that the audio sync workflow in Go PlayAlong is sometimes too complicated, especially if the score contains some mistakes. So we’ve tried to find new ways to make it simpler. And we’ve found a decent one!

When loading a song into GPA4, audio synchronisation is done completely automatically. In the background, some sophisticated DSP algorithms will analyse music, detect beats and match the notes super precisely. In a few seconds you can get your score perfectly synced and ready for playback. No interaction is required on your side. The auto sync feature works fine on the majority of the songs found on popular tab sites and it also tolerates some level mistakes in the score.

In addition to full automatic syncing, we’ve added a bunch of long-awaited new features. The key improvements include:

  • Standard Notation
  • Full Automatic Synchronisation of TAB and Original Audio
  • Support for Retina Display
  • Faster UI, Smoother Playback Animation
  • Advanced Mixing of Backing Track, Synth and Metronome Tracks
Playback Mode with Standard Notation And TAB


Go PlayAlong 4.0.0 has been officially released at the beginning of August 2017, and consecutive free updates are rolling out regularly. At this phase we’re focusing on user requests and most of the free updates contain important enchantments requested by the community.

If you have a good idea that would makeGo PlayAlong an even more effective practice tool, then this is the right time for your voice to be heard. Please don’t hesitate to send an email to

We take notes of each feature request and emails are answered within a short period of time. And more importantly, many of the requested features are actually added to one of the upcoming free updates.

Enjoy practicing and hope to hear from you soon!

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