Week 1: Knowing it’s time for an accelerator.

Goquets is working hard to become the easiest way to order flowers online for those who consider time to be their most valuable asset.

Teams already hard at work on Day 1 of the Iowa Startup Accelerator. (Photo courtesy Iowa Startup Accelerator)

We’ve officially arrived at the Iowa Startup Accelerator. Before covering what we’ll be building in the coming weeks, let’s dive into what makes this the right move for Goquets.

The timeline from when we started at Startup Weekend Ames in 2013 until now allowed us to hit a ton of milestones. So far we’ve proved market acceptance (key to any startup “idea”), developed our business model and started growing our national client base. We knew it was time to take it further than what the two of us and our early stage supporters have accomplished.

Taking Goquets further included bringing on a new member to the team, Justin Schoen. His track record of building successful campaigns including G&L Clothings’ online division, the 80/35 Music Festival and his projects with eComegy have proven he can implement new ideas from the ground up. We’re excited to have Justin on board to help us build our business and marketing strategy.

The accelerator will enhance what our team can accomplish in a short amount of time with the backing of our industry partners. We’ve had plenty of understanding as to why this is needed thanks to our good friends from Men’s Style Lab, Bawte, Venue Fox and WorkHound who have all taken their own startups through national accelerators.

It’s time to focus on building our business now more than ever as the 94-day cohort has officially begun. For those of you who know us, we were both involved in other projects that we had to step away from in Des Moines to make this happen. That couldn’t have been done without the strong support of our friends and family who also have a stake in this journey.

So how has the accelerator been going so far?

Four days in and the best word to describe the experience so far is hectic. Hectic, yet exhilarating. We’re surrounded by some crazy smart individuals and can’t wait to lean on them to help us build Goquets. Stay tuned as we’ll be covering what we’re implementing and building early next week and every week after that.

In the meantime, we’re taking the How Factory team’s (2014 ISA alums) advice to heart:

Learn more about the program and the teams we’ll be working with from We Create Here, The Des Moines Register and Fox28 as more news will be coming out.

Shawn & Lyndsay, Co-founders of Goquets

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