Don’t stuff socks in your bra. Focus on value.

9 out of 10 people I talk to tell me there’s no market for what I do best.

Yet the people who work with me feel my value to be a game- and many times life-changer.

Sure, I imagine everyone says that, right. And even if everyone doesn’t say it with so much braggadocio, I’m sure everyone feels like their special little superpower is the universal shit.

The most amazing milkshake, a new app for finding the nearest dog grooming salon, a plan to change the world and make it a nicer place for people and animals [insert endless list of ideas here].

But the reality of it is that we know that even our closest friends don’t really care about what we do.

They acknowledge it for sure. They understand it. They cheer us on towards victory. And they gladly buy us beer at the end of an insanely tough day. But they don’t care about what we do.

They would be perfectly happy if we did less in fact and had more time and resources just to spend doing fun stuff with them. Drinking, skydiving, racing formula one cars, checking out models on a Caribbean beach, not necessarily in that order or priority.

Don’t believe me?

Call up a few friends and really give them the lowdown on everything that’s going on with every deal, contract, strategy, sales call or action plan. Really go deep and drill down.

Then see how many more calls like that they’ll take.

Let’s for a moment hypothetically assume that I’m right. And no one cares.

Now think for a moment if people would care if instead of telling them about your work, product, meeting, you would talk about the value you provide. Not try to sell them on that, but just share it with them. The human side of it all, the one that matters.

Here’s what I mean.

I do a lot of things and they all fall into the category of public relations, marketing, sales, strategy and other such boring, abstract things that mean everything and nothing really.

So I try to build them up into more interesting glimpses of my day.

For example I show how hard it is to get noticed and that I help people get the right attention. Or give them the right words. Write that killer speech. Make them look amazing on stage in front of thousands of people.

I basically go from a boring PR and marketing description towards putting images in their mind of high stakes situations. Of impressive outcomes and daring challenges that precede them.

But do I like doing that?

Do I like reminding people of the stress others have faced? No, not really.

I think it’s like a girl trying to highlight her boobs by stuffing socks in her bra. Time consuming and meaningless. Which is precisely what the relationship will be like when based on such promotion.

What I would rather be talking about is how I met all these really fascinating experts. Experienced people with a vision and the courage to put that vision in front of people. To stop hiding behind numbers and formulas and diagrams and just stand up on stage and show leadership.

I would rather talk about how they were determined to make a difference, create a lasting impact and that demanded that they learn new skills, connect with a broader audience and fend off all jealous weaklings who would do, say and try anything to stop them.

I find it much more fascinating to admire individuals for their courage and maturity in both leading and the same time allowing people like me to guide them forward, help them find the right words and build up a strong team needed to execute their vision.

It would be an honor to present them for the champions, fighters, achievers that they are. And to inspire others to find the courage and move the world forward.

But 9 out of 10 people tell me that’s stupid. And there’s no need for this service.

No money to be made in helping experts become leaders in whatever they do, sell, promote, change.

Well, fuck you 9 out of 10 people. And thank you.

You made me realize just how important it is to focus on the 1 out of 10 who wants to advance, achieve and to aspire something others feel cannot be done.

The engineer who wants to build a live changing idea.

The manufacturer who wants to be taken seriously by a larger buyer.

The athlete who wants to make his town a better place as mayor.

The lawyer who wants to win support for a cause.

The corporate insider who wants to sprout wings and change the world.

The small company that wants to puts people first.

Focusing on the value all these people can do and getting their real strengths to shine through the dark clouds of unfavorable circumstance, obscurity and doubt.

If you’re that 1, find a way to get in touch.