Frauds/Scam in Freelancing websites

There are many sites that offer freelancing. And, it is a good option from the point of getting work done where new startups can get their work done. Its like pay for your work, and finish. You don’t need to hire someone for months.

There are many popular sites. Some of them are:

and many more…

The Dark side

In this article, I want to highlight one dark side of these freelancing world.

Getting work is not easy in freelancing sites. Most buyers would want to see the review comments, and freelancer’s previous work. So that, they will get an idea how this freelancer is working in market, and what the reputation of this freelancer.

Dark side 1

Most of the reviews are fake, and it is hard to guess the authenticity of reviews. Consider a case, where a new freelancer makes many account in these sites as seller, and post some projects just for this new freelancer. And, in the end, write a beautiful impressive review. By doing this, one can easily have 100s of positive reviews.

And, this freelancer has a 5 star ratings, vow. Any buyer will see this freelancer as a potential taker. But, this is not the truth. And the good part is, many websites like has a way of finding this fake things, and they ban accounts. But, many new sites are not doing this. I will give an example practical scenario in the last.

Dark side 2

You have awarded a project to a freelancer by seeing his fancy writeup, and review comments. The freelancer starts your work. And, he gave you some crappy thing which don’t like.

You starts a conversation, asking for change. Freelancer did it again, and say this is the best I can do. You are in a baffled mood saying that you have spent this much time on this, with nothing good in return.

Now, the dark side is freelancer knows that client is not liking this work. Some freelancer sites has given these crappy freelancers the power of declining order, and buyer have no option of giving the review about this freelancer. And, you will end up scratching your head. You might post about the incident in social media, but with no benefit. Although, you get the refund, but you wanted your work done, and did not want to waste your precious time waiting for freelancers to deliver.


I want to tell my few scenarios, that I encountered with one of the most popular site:

Example 1:

I ordered for few SEO things, and backlinking things for 4–5 freelancers. WHat they delivered was crap. I asked them to work on this. To which, they straight away rejected the order. And, the guy was not even replying. I was left with no other option. I got the refund. But, I wasted my 3 days.

Example 2:

I saw a fancy gig like below

I ordered the gig for 2 articles. After few days, I got the crappy articles with words just to fill the pages. I requested for revision. To my surprise, the freelancer baffled by saying you can see my reviews, I have my clients from US/UK. blah blah.

You can see another scam here is that this guy is an Indian, and is running this account from a fake name giving herself the makeover of some other countries. Thinking that people will like the profile picture, and by seeing some good english name, people will give orders.

Anyway, she gave me revision for one article, not both. And, she rudely said again that this is what she can do. Thats it.

And, you can read the whole story in pictures below:


I have used freelancers many times, and I must say that it is very hard to find an authentic freelancer. You can not trust on the basis of good ratings and all. Even eCommerce stores have paid reviews. You have to be very much careful using these services. And, platforms like must see these behaviors by freelancers, and should give some power to clients also so that they can tell the truth about these kind of incidents.