Dear Futourists.

The development of the Futourist platform is underway once again. Much on that has been said in the previous blog posts. My job today is to let you know what we have achieved since and what is the development plan for the future.

But first we’d like to express the fact mentioned in the previous blog post — a part of our team is involved in the work-for-hire market. The development progress I’m outlining in the following paragraphs was paid for by the hard work of the part of the team not working on the Futourist project. …

Online content is a constantly evolving phenomenon. In the 90’s textual content was the prevailing one. As the computer power all of us wield grew stronger, photos and images became the favorite. In 2005 YouTube was launched and it completely transformed the landscape of online content again. Just a year later (2006) Google bought it for over $1 billion.

It’s 2018 now, 13 years after YouTube’s debut and online video has grown to become the indisputable king of online content. …

When I talk to people about the upcoming Futourist app, the most common response is “Oh, that’s so cool! But how will you prevent frauds and fake reviews?”. The answer to this one is actually quite logical, but still complex. I’ll do my best to sum up everything in the paragraphs below.

The general challenge is that there are many ways to ‘game’ most systems, and, if unconstrained, this ‘gaming’ may only be limited by the abusers’ imaginations and the computational power they wield (e.g. the use of botnets etc.).

Recognizing this, Futourist accept that this is a ‘cat-and-mouse’ game, and effective solutions involve making sure Futourist maintains the upper hand, to ensure that it is not profitable to abuse the system. …

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