The Wave of New Artificial Intelligence Solutions is Here

Why You Need to Get on this 2020 Tech Wave

The major marketing tools ready to help you in 2020 include Marketing AI software, SEO AI software, and Copywriting AI software.

They can help you improve your content, engage your visitors, increase sales conversion, and help you learn a lot about your customers.

However, some may not be all they pretend to be, just to warn you. Yes, the creators of the newly introduced AI marketing solutions tend to use the term AI a little loosely.

However, very few have what is know as autonomous AI anyway. But if we just call them machine learning automation marketing software products, the point is that they can help your business tremendously.

BIG Tech Value Cascades Down to Your SMB

Google, Facebook, and Amazon are using AI and machine learning extensively and it pays off well for them. You’ve probably seen content suggestions and ads on Google or FB that seemed to be just what you’re interested in, or even what you could be interested in shortly.

It’s not mind reading though. They watch your activity online. Facebook for instance doesn’t have the extensive data that Google possesses, so they’ve resorted to something called lookalike audiences. These are people categorized as having similar interests and behaviors.

If those people are thinking, shopping, talking just like you, well, then Facebook can present fairly relevant ads too. This personalization and real time responsiveness is the biggest weakness of most marketing campaigns. If you can access all these features and benefits that Facebook and Google use, it could multiply your sales results.

AI Marketing Will Dominate

The success that these monopolies are having will cascade down to smaller businesses — their customers. You don’t have create your own AI application, you can just use Google and Facebook for your ad campaigns and watch them reach ultra-targeted customers.

It’s hard to argue the value of that. But that’s advertising, which doesn’t quite generate the warm fuzzy feeling many B2B or B2C customers want.

You must bring all of your marketing under the Marketing AI umbrella to really leverage AI fully. This is how you create market leadership. Yet, you don’t have to do it all at once. Top solutions such as Albert, Salesforce Marketo Einstein, and Blueshift can help you integrate a lot. However, their cost may stop you in your tracks. And many of them target large corporations with extensive customer databases.

Okay, admittedly, this is the biggest hurdle.

Other than the above large enterprise AI marketing solutions, there are others that might work such as Selligent Marketing Cloud.

Specialized Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Easing Your Pain Points

Like your competitors, you’ll be shopping around for specialized solutions, the ones that make the biggest difference for you. That could be within email, content marketing, SEO, ad optimization, analytics, or video channels.

My post on Albert and Blueshift AI solutions offers case studies of successes. And why would we not believe it? We know how a computer works, and this is just logical.

These are areas where marketing automation and AI can really shine:

  • real time personalization
  • better segmentation of and knowledge of your audience
  • improved ad performance, ad copy and conversion rate optimization
  • better onsite engagement and customer experience
  • better, faster testing of your content marketing materials
  • knowing your customer’s next move predictive analytics
  • better lead scoring
  • better timing of content and ad delivery

Automation and AI

You can have marketing automation without AI, however the point of automation is effective testing, ultrafast learning, and granular data. As the automated testing generates data, the artificial intelligence unit is the only thing fast enough to process that data. And only a system with some awareness can serve up a Grade A experience to each specific visitor to your website.

When you subscribe to an AI marketing service, you’ll get marketing automation and autonomous intelligence together.

They’re offering a profoundly valuable service, if you’re willing and able to utilize it. This is where being nimble, flexible, optimistic and resourceful come into play. Your business is old school, so you need to collect the necessary inputs to connect with them.

Marketing AI Software

I’ve written extensively about the major Marketing AI software available — Blueshift, Albert, Salesforce Marketo Einstein, and I threw in as a potential up and comer.

Solve Your Specific Challenges

Okay, let’s say your content sucks and that’s where your real problem is. Extremely good content generates interest, catches attention, gets shared, builds top Google rankings, and is good for social media engagement.

Begin with some AI copywriting solutions and quickly optimize each aspect of your content marketing from reach, to engagement, to SEO and the whole sales conversion path.

If SEO is hurting, your content probably is too, however some SEO software solutions can help you get organized. Since SEO is something I’ve been doing for a long time, that software does little for me. For you however, it might help educate you and identify problems.

If your ad campaigns are performing poorly, you might benefit from AI advertising solutions. They’ll adjust your ad copy to find the best phrasing to catch attention and raise clicks, learn which ad layouts and text work best, while targeting only those who are actual, real prospects. It might save you some money too.

Getting Unparalleled Marketing Education

There is no better teacher than AI marketing tools. When these programs test and improve each element, you can see what they’ve discovered. And they wait for your further input. You must guide them. You‘ll see your audience segmented in ways you never realized freeing you from your own profit-limiting biases. And they can help you score your leads accurately to help you understand prospect’s next moves.

The big value is that these systems can organize and automate your marketing activities so you can work only on items that will result in bigger payoffs. Right now, everyone is cluttered and confused by the mundane tasks of marketing. They spoil your genius and judgement.

For lazy marketers, Marketing AI is a godsend. However, the work doesn’t end. Actually, you’re pushed into providing more specific and more creative input. Don’t be afraid though, because your own professional competence will grow as quickly as you let it happen.

It’s in the area of analytics where you’ll have your eyes opened. You don’t have a programmer ready to modify your tracking codes and your Google analytics studio data now do you?

AI systems provide that heavy duty tracking power, to help you understand your visitor’s behavior, what content works, and what funnel strategies work. You never liked theories, and you don’t need them. The AI analytics system discovers what actually works for your site and business.

Here’s the bottom line with AI marketing: you don’t need to know deep learning, or personas, or all the hype buzzwords.

Just show up for class with an open mind and learn like crazy. Find out more about AI marketing on my website.

Gord Collins is a 20 year content and SEO pro, working with clientele in cities including London UK, San Diego, Toronto, New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Houston, Washington, and more.

Gord’s marketing roots are in content strategy and SEO, 2 of the best ways to generate engaged customers to grow sales. AI marketing is his next career step.

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