Are you ready? 3 questions…….

Half term these days provides me with space to do things that feels added pressure to normal life. I have learned to leave some things until the space arrives, so the fridge drawer that seemed stuck got my attention and became unstuck, some of the unread newspapers in the boot of my car got read, and the car got some necessary attention.

T.. brought me into London a few of the days as she did her placement which gave the opportunity to wander. It was while dandering that I came across this photographic exhibition on the top floor of Foyles Books. It is by Dylan Collard and is entitled Ages of Us.

He asks three questions of his participants, I thought I would have a go and in turn encourage you…… yes you , go on!

1. Past — when you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up? What was important to you were when you young?

From about the age of 4 to the age of 12 I wanted to be a Policeman. I recall at about 12 or 13 having a careers class during which I asked for leaflets on being a solicitor and on being a barrister. Between 13 and 16 I thought I may become a politician and if I flunked everything maybe I would join the Army.

My dogs, I had 3 , were very important to me from 3 to 12. My grandparents, a relationship with God, stories, the outdoors, school, Boy’s Brigade , church , Army cadets, community , friends

2. Present — what do you do now? What sort of things does you life involve now.

I write a lot, I read a bit ( I like reading though I am slow). I walk. I drive my daughter from here to there and here again. I sit in silence , I enjoy silence. I spend most days talking to people and encouraging them. I speak out and up when I feel moved. I email a lot, I facebook a bit, I text more than use the phone. I drink a lot of coffee and tea with good company and often with a pen, paper and a book.

3. Future — what would you like to do in the future? What’s left? What plans do you have for the future?

I have learned to live the day so I am not particularly future orientated but to answer the question…… I would like to visit Israel / Palestine / South Africa do the Comino de Santiago, live in France for a year, spend more time in N & S Ireland. Do workshops on positivity , lead others into a greater experience of justice, youth hostel around the world , well certainly Europe, meet more amazing people , my life has been full of meeting amazing people( you may be one of them) , be more at peace, more content , more loved and loving , live life to the full….

Now it is your turn….. g.