Do we get back what we give?

Eating together

Ed , the mechanic, fitted the new light on my car this morning. I was grateful and beside a little monetary thank you I passed him a ‘Club chocolate’ biscuit to which he replied, “ My favourite!” Once again I saw the value in letting people know, in small ways, that you appreciate their help.

Due to the work being done I rescheduled an appointment and met the individual at lunch time. It was a farewell coffee, at least that is how it began. Let’s call the individual , Tariq. Tariq persuaded me to go into a Lebanese restaurant. I agreed that we would pay our own way. He ordered two huge dishes of a mini grill.

We talked as we ate and I wondered when we would we pay, we didn’t. I was keen to ensure Tariq did not bear the cost though I could see no money exchange hands. As we left the restaurateur smiled , still no money passed hands. Tariq hinted at some cultural code at work though whatever it was it was foreign to me.

I asked another more familiar with Tariq’s ways than I and he explained that within Islam there is an understanding that if someone brings a guest to a restaurant and the person is esteemed the food will be a gift. My little mind was blown by the power of such a code existing and more so that I was the beneficiary of it.

I couldn’t help wondering does ‘this thing’ go round in circles, you give and you are given to , you sow and you reap.


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