For what we our about to receive

Gerald Hewiston in The Friends Quarterly/ Jan2017

It was another slow start today as Ciara had her driving theory test, I can only mention it as she passed it, she is such a go-get-her. It wasn’t so far away though I have never mastered the roads to Watford. I notice that alot of young people speak about getting over their anxiety about driving with the right instructor, I still get anxious about getting to places I don’t know so well, particularly when taking another person.

I found a MacDonalds and with a coffee and some reading material I waited for her call.

I was reading an article in, ‘The Friends Quarterly’ by Gerald Hewiston, the photo is an extract. He was writing about the power of the story to convey a knowing to the reader that academic texts fail to do. It was the gospel stories that sustained him.

I understand that as I have always been able to internalise a good story and make it my lived experience.

As a young child they told me about God and I adopted him as my God. He seemed kind and loving to me so why wouldn’t I have the creator of the Universe, the Father of all, on my side!

I still hold that sense of God in my life, a sense that feels like a huge bird above me whose outstretched wings cover me. I rarely see him though I know he is there at a distance as he wants me to fly and not cramp my style. Yet I know if needed he would swoop down and protect me at least that is the story I told myself as a child and remains with me.

The truth of the story is it makes me less afraid of life and indeed propels me into it.

I have recently returned to the prayer before our school meals,

“ For what we are about to receive may the Lord make us truly thankful.”

That is the best prayer as it creates a gratefulness before we start.


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