I was involved with the Quakers while at the U.
David Baron

Hi David Baron, thanks for your response. It got me thinking I heard a while ago. It related to Meister Eckhart. Ursula Fleming wanted to become a Buddhist but her guide encouraged her back to her tradition to Eckhart.

Karen Armstrong , the author, says something similar. I hear what they say though I am wanderer and it is for me to wander amongst many traditions.

It sounds from what you write it was the right advice for you. best, g

Ursula Fleming never pretended to be an Eckhart scholar, but no human being influenced her more profoundly than did Meister Eckhart — not even Marco Pallis, and that is saying quite a lot. When, in her teens, she abandoned her Catholic religion, intending to become a Buddhist, she turned for spiritual guidance to Pallis –mountaineer, musician and philosopher as well as a Buddhist himself — but he told her: ‘Go back to the religion of your birth. Go back to the Sacraments. And read Eckhart.’ When, having done what her spiritual guide told her, she said to him: ‘I like Eckhart but I only understand fragments of what he is saying,’ Marco Pallis replied: ‘Don’t try to understand him. Just go on reading him’

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