Internally nomadic
Jonas Ellison

Hi Jonas Ellison , 0746 hrs UK, not sure what happened to my daily digest, it didn’t arrive this morning maybe Medium are doing things differently. Thanks for the prayer.

Soul for me , and I am probably repeating others, it the part of me that is me! That part that has existed forever and will forever exist ( I hope , I think, I believe) . It is the bit that watches from behind the blinds or from the back of the room. It is not usually ‘up front’. It is quiet, childlike and smiling.

In recent days, I have become aware of how attached I have become to my body. Shouldn’t be a surprise as I get attached to my car! I am working on detaching myself from my body. I mean, I love it , I appreciate it but it just so happens to be the body I drive, it is not me ( soul).

The awareness I should ( o no the should word ) live in is my oneness with consciousness. As Marianne Williamson teaches from A Course In Miracles we are one as a wave on the ocean of consciousness. Good luck with the packing, I missed where are you off? g.