Leaders don’t ADVISE, leaders LEAD.
Michael V. Ivanov

Hi Michael, thank you for encouraging me I thought I would have a read of ‘your stuff’. I can identify with both, being in need of another to lead me and knowing that I if I want others ‘to jump’ I need to jump first.

I imagine your ‘new’ friend felt awkward exposing a weakness, at least I always do, and was grateful for your help.

Your story does remind me one of my own. About 4 years ago we were embarking as a union on a campaign against privatisation ( note the spelling is UK English) and I decided to put together however many A4 paper it takes to write, ‘Save Probation’ ( I just counted 13). At the end of our meeting I said , “ I am going outside to stand with these A4 pages and take a photo anyone who wants to join me please follow me out and with that I quickly walked out. For a few moments I was on my own and doubts were forming when one, then two , then three, then four , then five, then six , then seven, then eight, then nine, then ten, members joined me, not quite the 13 though enough to display the message and take the photo! best g.

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