“I know what is like to be a refugee”

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jewish_exodus_from_Arab_and_Muslim_countries

The words are those of Eva Schloss, the survivor of the Holocaust, noted during her presentation yesterday evening at St James’s Church Piccadilly as a guest of Alternatives https://www.alternatives.org.uk/

Again I heard Eva’s words, “ People would not leave their homes if they did not need to.”

I knew my heart had hardened to the plight of refugees, I was ignoring the issue albeit that I contribute to a fund monthly to assist, but it is easy to give a monthly fiver.

I needed reminding and by a woman who knew as she had been a refugee having to leave her home overnight in Austria and risk death in her passage to Belgium and later The Netherlands.

Why is it so hard, for me, to emphasise? Why is it I need to be faced with an individual’s story to find compassion? Why am I reluctant to share my space? Can it be that I do not wish to be discomforted or see others succeed beyond me?

This the darkness of my heart , the shadow of my soul yet there is a light that sparks when hearing Eva’s story that humanises the people I peer at through a window.

Someone asked me to donate to a relief charity today, I did. Often I can pull back from another collection though this time I had been influenced by Eva’s words that spurred me on to give.

I was sitting in Subway this afternoon and I could hear this person going through the bins.I asked him did he lose something? He replied no he was hungry. He was a young man no more that 24 I thought , “ There is no need for him to be looking in bins ,” I thought, “I can get him a meal and I did.”

Did I really need to hear a survivor’s story to be reminded of the need to be compassionate, it seems I did.


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