If everyone had one tattoo what would yours say ?

Girl on train , happy to let me take a snap, thank you g.

I enjoyed meeting up with friends yesterday with whom I formed a deep bond. I say ‘deep bond’ yet one friend I hadn’t seen for 16 years and the others for 4 years. The absence tells a story in itself, one that is about me being distracted and at times lacking energy for social interaction. Yet I was reminded that we all found ourselves at the same University at the same time and most importantly found friendship in each other.

If you analyse it further we were either seeking faith or already living it. This caused me to think, “Was faith and ‘a community of faith’ a refuge for someone like me? Someone who didn’t quite feel he fitted in with life and needed a place and people who would go beyond the superficial and help me navigate my place in the world.

I wrote recently about Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and how from the outside I saw people who found friendship , fellowship and support amongst others who understood their failings because they too had failed and needed help in navigating life. I guess my NA group is the people called ‘Church’. Of course there is superficiality amongst Church though if you seek you will find ‘kindred spirits’.

Indeed as I have journeyed in life I have found depth amongst faith and non faith people though it does seem I have found it most often amongst those who identify themselves as Christians.

Today I was on the tube back to Barnet when I noticed a woman with ‘Love never fails’ tattooed on her arm. I was thinking to myself how hard it would be to live with such a tattoo. In one of my moments I asked her did she mind if I took a photo of it, she didn’t. I then asked her how hard it was to keep loving. She said it was hard but it is the only way. I agree though I don’t find it easy to do, it seems I am more comfortable being ‘at odds’ than being ‘in love’.

The experience got me thinking, “ If I were to have a tattoo what would it say?”

“If I am not myself who will be?”

Now your turn…….