Catherine Corless , the Tuam justice seeker who kept seeking

Increasingly I have moments when I continue to sit in the car, after I have arrived at my destination, having started to listen to a radio programme that grabbed my attention. Yesterday it was , ‘Profile’ on Radio 4 whose subject was Catherine Corless.

Catherine who has lived in Tuam, County Galway all her life is credited with exposing the unregistered deaths of some 800 children at a Church children’s home.

She was haunted by a childhood prank in which she gave an empty sweet paper to one of the children from the home. These children were marginalised and the childhood prank haunted her into her adulthood.

An amateur historian she decided to research the home though found no records, undeterred she started knocking the doors of locals. Little by little she pieced together a history and in so doing she brought alive the voices of the home’s children.

John , a former resident , speaks of how Catherine’s exposure gave him a life that had been stifled by the silence.

A story that will encourage those who seek justice to keep seeking .g.

If you are outside the UK and unable to listen see below link. g

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