Intentionally preoccupied
Jonas Ellison

Morning Jonas, 08 31 Uk — I am glad that somehow I have managed to cultivate moments in my day. I usually stop the car a mile before I get to ‘The Clock’ . I take the scenic route rather than the motorway so where I park up is a pleasant place. I read a short passage maybe 5 verses from one of the Gospels, currently Luke, maybe a paragraph from A course in miracles or a story from Chicken soup for the soul. I then just sit for a few minutes in silence.

At lunchtime I usually visit the library and take another few minutes amongst reading, scribbling and answering texts.

In the evening I usually find a coffee spot where alongside a cappuccino I take more time in silence.

Maybe a couple of times a week I take 15 minutes of silence and in Sunday I spend the Quaker hour in silence.

Best , g.