Be a lighthouse, not a tugboat
Jonas Ellison

Morning Jonas Ellison ( 09 35 UK) sounds like a rough time. In the Quaker tradition there is a saying, it is full of sayings, one of which is ‘speak to the good in the other.’ Actually I wonder did I make that up as I can’t find it on google search! My point is that when people are hard work when we speak we speak to the good within them. I suppose we are hoping that we may awaken it.

I did find this verse as I googled I think there is something in it.

I often sit with people who want answers and I don’t have any. I admitted this to one guy who is often severely down and he became humorous by asking me a silly question to which I gave an answer, he then laughed and said , “Well you had an answer for that!”

best day Jonas, g.

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