The secret of being content

A light came on as a driving on Thursday. I hadn’t seen this one before and for a moment thought driving is like a guessing game. I have been trying to be more conscious in living which meant as a little voice was yelling , “What is it now?” I was observing the yelling a bit like having a discontented baby in the car.

It didn’t seem to stop me so I decided the best thing I could do was to bring it to the garage in this morning. I remained pretty conscious in observing all the ‘usual suspects’ who turn up with anxiety though refused to join their party.

Jim , the mechanic, confirmed nothing to stop me from driving though a new ‘something to do with the exhaust system’ would cost about £300, I booked it in for Saturday next.

I rewarded myself , not sure if that is what I should do, by taking a bit of time out at Starbucks before going to ‘The Clock Inn’. I so enjoy the books that I carry with me that encourage and inspire for the day ahead.

One of which is, ‘The Power of Now’. This time round I am reading it from the back to the front that way I have finished before I started.

The extract I was reading yesterday confirms something that I have thought for a long time. For me it goes back to the story of , ‘The tree of Good and Evil’ as told in Genesis. There was another tree, the tree of life. It is for us to eat from the tree of life and enjoy life as it is intended, the tree of good and evil bears both good and evil whereas we want life. Tolle writes of happiness being co joined with unhappiness, you can’t have one without the other. The things that bring you pleasure will also bring you pain. The tree of life he calls the ‘Joy of Being’ . It reminds me of what Saint Paul said about ‘knowing the secret of contentment whatever your state, whether rich or poor.’

The joy of being has always been with us like a set of keys that we thought we had lost only to find later in a pocket. We need to brush away all the illusions the world offers and remind ourselves that joy is within and there is nothing only us that can stop it being the active force of our lives.