White-Hat Ways to Spread the Word about Your Brand on Amazon

Short Amazon Reviews Evolution

Over the past three years, Amazon has struggled to prevent sellers from speculating unbiased reviews. Probably you’ve seen a lot of posts, articles, TV news about Amazon fake reviews. Buyers’ concerns about this problem are reasonable. While the sellers part needs to be covered as well. It is confirmed by seller central analytics that products with low ratings or small amounts of reviews in comparison to other sellers in the niche lower the conversion rate in 3–5 times. This is why the question of how to get reviews on a recently launched product is an elephant in the room.

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Tactic #1. Feedback to Review

When the customer is leaving review for a product in the sellers’ feedback field, you can message the buyer and ask to resubmit the review in the “product reviews” section.

Tactic #2. Amazon Early Review Program.

Early Review Program — a special program from Amazon for recently launched products with fewer than 5 reviews on a product page and the product cost above $15. It works the following way, you enroll the product that meets the criteria mentioned above, Amazon is sending emails to your customers with the offer to leave a review and get a small award of $1-$3 gift card.

Tactic #3. Vine Program.

Vine program concept is almost the same as the Early Review Program. While it’s a bit different anyway.

Tactic #4. Sellerice Extension

Amazon launched the new feature allowing you to ask for a review with a click of a button “Request review” in the order. It’s time-consuming to go through every order. Here comes an extension that allows for bulk operations.

Tactic #5. Craigslist

Instead of making messenger ads on Facebook with freebies offered for the test, it’s highly recommended to check out Craigslist. There you can make a post in the “Free” section and offer to get your product for free. Tell all the details in the private messages.

Tactic #5. Nextdoor Social Network

Another platform for making posts offering freebies and bonus gift cards for the deal is a social network for neighbors in the USA. Sign up, get your street, make the deals. Usually, people are not familiar with Facebook or giveaways. This is why they would be more than grateful and even happy to get a discount.

Tactic #6. Instagram Influencers

Most companies are focused on influencer marketing to spread the word about the brand. While this type of marketing can be used to promote a special promo deal from your company. Basically, instead of making advertising for your brand or your products, influencers will be taking their audience to the google form with the details on your deal and the rest you do yourself.

Tactic #7. Facebook Groups Related to Your Niche

For example, if your product is in the yoga category, look for the yoga groups. Enter those groups and there make announcements on the free products that can be received from you for the test.


How to get reviews from the people you gave freebies to while they ignore your messages?


  • All 7 tactics given to you have different levels of risk. The easiest and the safest ones are Early Review Program and Vine Program.
  • Sellerice Extension saves your time with the officially permitted method to ask for review.
  • Craigslist and Nextdoor platforms are not widely used among amazon sellers and those are not tracked by Amazon.
  • Facebook Groups and Instagram Bloggers’ posts allow you to find your audience that would be much more interested in freebies from you.
  • Rate submitted links get you 5-star rating in a click of a button from the customers that kept ignoring you for quite some time already.
  • Products share ratings in the variations by Parent Criteria “Size”.

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