Analyzing Darcrus

So who or what is Darcrus?

It all started with a chap called Steven Grove (Sigwo), who originally started Sigfarm, a crypto mining operation, and this is where i originally got involved with Sigwo in early 2016. The following information is based on my knowledge of the team / business & my thoughts on the future of Darcrus

Sigwo technologies was formed through an ICO in Dec 2016 & Darcrus is a token representing the value of Sigwo Technologies. The value of the Darcrus (DAR) Waves token is derived by burning DAR from 10% profits made by Sigwo technologies.

What does Sigwo Technologies offer, as per;

  • Blockchain as a service
  • Protect, encrypt & store
  • Automatic replication and recovery of your information

So why bother looking at Darcrus? good question.

  1. Good Team
  • Sigwo is a solid developer and well known in the community, he is straight forward, communicates well, he delivers on his word, ethical and is a professional juggler (well juggles between his crypto life and day job)
  • Vaughn assists with marketing and community management and loads more
  • Rafael is the 2nd developer in the team, he is pretty quiet but that’s OK, he is developing, so let him develop.
  • Ad-hoc/outsourced services are utilized by the team, keeping the team lean and effective.

2. Products already developed (Value)

  • Gained it’s first customer early, EC Cyber Security in March ‘17
  • Darcrus/Mercury: Custom Waves lite client has been developed already with fees in Mercury forthcoming. Custom clients can be developed further by the team too.
  • Jupiter private blockchain, development framework, which uses Mercury to verify on the public waves chain.
  • Proof-of-concept (POC) in-progress with C3 Technologies

3. Current challenges

  • Bittrex de-listing of the darcrus asset in Oct ’17 hit the price substantially, and is now traded on the Waves DEX, so expanding to other exchanges, decentralized or not should be key.
  • Doolittle meeting postponed because of sigwo’s juggling
  • Slow in completing the POC’s, little feedback on the progress

4. Current highlights

  • As of 26/10/17 Darcrus is trading around 2120 sat, which is below the ICO average buy of 2500 sat, so now is a perfect time to accumulate.
  • De-listing from Bittrex just proves the reason why we need to moved to Decentralized Exchanges (DEX), this will be big in 2018.
  • Waves-NG protocol to be implemented soon, thus increasing throughput.
  • Nov ’17 should also see a overhaul of the Waves DEX, bringing more people to the Waves platform (more visibility for Darcrus and Mercury)


Short term: I don’t see much movement in the price of Darcrus until the new Waves DEX, so good time to accumulate

Medium term:(+3 months): Sigwo will have more time dedicated to the project and time to complete POC’s, gaining momentum.

Long Term: Perfect project with a lot of scope, solid team, good returns.