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Born from Fear: An Exciting Time for Brands

Brexit Mayhem. Fake News. Dawn of Total Automation. Global Conflict. Climate Catastrophe.

The headlines fuelled by these worrying themes are, at best, written to provoke an action-response. At worst, they are strategically designed — by both human and algorithm — to create society’s most powerful motivator — fear.

Like you, I too have the capacity to experience fear and I once made personal and even business decisions based on this emotion. But, having identified the components of fear and broken them down into a manageable self-diagnosis, I no longer experience this emotion. The result of this healing means that I am now able to rise above the faux-hysteria and identify the opportunity that presents itself.

Before you assume that I am either kooky, delusional or a mad man, take a look around you. I am not alone. There are many more like me, from other global business leaders to politicians to media owners. But there is a key difference between myself and this fearless elite. My principle purpose for leveraging the fear factor as a motivational tool, is to deliver a Beautiful Future to the fearful — through the design of products and services that make people feel better, look better and even behave in a better way. Healing their fears, anxiety, sadness or disillusionment with themselves and/or The World in the process. At my company, OneCor, we call these products and services Lifestyle Upgrades and all of our brands are designed to achieve a common goal — Social Harmony.

Fear should not be feared by innovators, creators and marketeers. Fear is in fact our closest ally. Shape it. Flex it. Craft it. Use fear as the poison to your great looking, great feeling, great tasting, antidote (branded content). Contrary to the manufactured headlines that often suggest otherwise, fear is the catalyst for greater prosperity for your business. Are you tracking with me?

As a creative brand guy myself, I categorise fear in two ways; FNF (Fun not Fear) or FOF (Fear on Fear). FNF extinguishes fear for a short time by distracting the consumer with an ‘insightful’ idea that is fun and light-hearted but ultimately pointless. FOF amplifies fear by layering a consumer’s base fears with a specific, focused fear that is scary and thought-provoking but also ultimately pointless. Both of these creative uses of fear can produce fantastic results for your brand if executed smartly.

There has never been such a high level of fear in our society as there is right now. This is good news. Instead of fearing the fear, let it bear fearless fruit. Leverage fear culture and use consumer mind-reading tools such as Answer the Public to discover your audiences’ fears and create your antidote for them. From the public’s fear is born fantastic opportunity. Never has there been a more exciting time for brands.

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Global Citizen & CEO of #ThoughtLeader #Inspirational #BeautifulFuture Twitter/Instagram@GordonRomance

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