Day 2 — Andela Experience So Far

Eating a whale

Have you eaten a whale before?, No ?, well you probably have and just don’t know it .
Firstly, a whale is just tasty, protein filled fish but like 3000 times bigger than fish. With all its tastiness and your eager to eat it, youn can’t eat it in one bite.

You’ve got to break it down, cut smaller pieces of smaller pieces and also take time to eat those pieces.

Day 2

My 2nd day of the Self Learning clinic has taken the approach of eating a whale. The tasks before me seem too huge to handle in one sitting — but the goal is to focus on one single task at a time hopefully each single will be done or close to completion at the end of the week.

The learning experience is fast, that is greatly varying depending on our different levels of knowledge.
A huge thanks to all the conversation groups that have been a huge source of help through all the hindrances I’ve faced — all the way from our LFA group to the general group.

My hugest blocker — for today has been Tdd (a concept i have been convinced to adapt to, because of its professionalism). Link after link am visiting different resources in hope to get to grips with the entire concept. Has that been easy? No, not at all but the goal is to get to the bottom of this challenge.

My group has been helpful - our LFA has created time to point to some helpful. Which is great.

#the struggle is real

Help me God

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