How not to start a startup
Bram Krommenhoek

Hey bram

Your story really resonated. Two things caught my eye:

finding good people with not only the right mix of skills but also the cultural fit and the will and desire to make things work is challenging. More challenging still is how we react ourselves when the chips are down – it’s not always easy to admit we might be the problem.

You mentioned a step by step product (?) on how to build a business(?). I’m looking in to the development of business skills, particularly in social enterprise and social innovation as this consistently comes up as one of the barriers to building sustainable businesses. How far did you get? Did it work? I’m guessing maybe not in the way you hoped based on this article ;-) but are there any learnings you can share publicly or privately?

Finally – i am very much a student of business and people in business and it would be great to understand more of your experience if you would be willing to be interviewed over the phone or skype?

Thanks for your honesty in sharing this post.

Gordon Borer

Random Maverick

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