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Jess Thoms

Sir/Madam: I am not young, not young at all. Old fashion newspapers, who published from a style book, taught me how to enjoy reading. Their style book stated all their articles should ask and answer, if possible, the following questions: Who, What When, Where, How, and sometimes Why. (Not necessarily in that order. Newspaper varied the order.) That style, and approach, is missing in the internet. If you visited a newspaper and asked for their style book you might find it useful. Your editors would work from a plan, your readers would feel the stories because of the unspoken guidance meant only for comprehension. A writer’s questions about editing would be referred to the style book. I grew up in the fifties, and sixties. I helped change the old order. However, I prefer a newspaper that has a style book that explains and illustrates ideas and opinions. If you had a style book that readers could access, the questions they ask you would not be limp and vague. You would live in a much more interesting and vital world.

Gordon Bradley

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