I have written an Analytics Book and developed an Android app for it

I have written an Analytics Book and developed an Android app for it.

Analytics Book’s website:

Analytics Book’s Android app (available for download):

The one main benefit of the mobile app version of a book is all you do is download and install the app on your phone once, and you can then take it anywhere. Read all the chapters of the book even when you are under the environment without Internet connection or Wifi.

My previous work experience include: Practically reviewed and/or implemented over 100 Google Analytics accounts and/or open source analytics accounts.

I am sharing my analytics knowledge (including Web Analytics & Mobile App Analytics) through my book (for free) to people who have great interest in Analytics.

The book mainly covers topics in:

  • Analytics — Web Analytics & Mobile Web Analytics
  • Google Analytics — Many practical examples of analytics have been demonstrated through the use of Google Analytics
  • Open Source Analytics — Get your analytics knowledge up a notch by practically implementing open source analytics tools
  • Web Server Log Analytics — The ancestor of website’s analytics
    The Common Definitions of Analytics Metrics & Dimensions
  • Getting the Skills to become an Analyst

The book has 25 chapters and the following is the “Table of Contents”:

Chapter 01: Analytics
Chapter 02: Web Analytics vs. Mobile App Analytics
Chapter 03: Google Analytics
Chapter 04: Google Analytics Tracking Codes
Chapter 05: Google Analytics Traffic Sources
Chapter 06: Google Analytics Custom Dimensions & Custom Metrics
Chapter 07: Google Analytics Goal Tracking
Chapter 08: Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking
Chapter 09: Google Analytics Calculated Metrics
Chapter 10: Google Analytics Campaign Tracking
Chapter 11: Track New Search Engines through Google Analytics
Chapter 12: Google Analytics Custom Reports
Chapter 13: Google Analytics Self Referrals
Chapter 14: Google Analytics Sampled Data
Chapter 15: Google Mobile App Analytics
Chapter 16: Google Mobile App Analytics iOS SDK
Chapter 17: Google Mobile App Analytics Android SDK
Chapter 18: Definitions of Metrics & Dimensions
Chapter 19: Web Server Log Analytics
Chapter 20: Skills Web Analysts & Mobile App Analysts Must Have
Chapter 21: The Big List of Analytics Tools
Chapter 22: Open Source Web Analytics: Piwik
Chapter 23: Piwik Tracking Codes
Chapter 24: Piwik Performance Optimization
Chapter 25: Folks Analytics — Web and Mobile App Analytics

The book has been placed under a Creative Commons license.

Besides the Analytics Book, I have also written 2 other books: