Risky Whiskey or Science Under the Influence?
Kevin Folta

It is sad, as always, that people who claim to understand the science behind GMOs and poo poo concerns about them always talk exclusively about the effects on human health, never the impact of GMO crops on the environment and all other species, nor of the impact of industrial, chemical-based agriculture on our society and culture. Of course the full range of effects on human health is still being discovered — check out the latest reports on glyphosate as a probable carcinogen — but the environmental effects and the impact on rural America and our global food system of the agribusinesses that invent and market GMO crops is pretty well documented to be disastrous. Nor do GMO crops appear to deliver any of the benefits they are supposed to — please see the recent NYT piece. The author has a cute angle, but might try doing a little more reading and opening up his mind to more than the immediately discernible impacts of GMO crops on his personal health.

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