Prior to giving birth, the mother-to-be is in debt, has a poor credit history, won’t receive…
Memphis Blues

They may not have caused the issue, but they’ve done two things to exacerbate the issue:

  1. They oversell the amount of money the typical driver makes. (This isn’t unique to Uber, all of the gig economy places sell themselves based more on their higher-performing markets and people and downplay the fact that you have to be in a good market, a good zone, and bust your ass in order to make that kind of money.)
  2. They pair up with a rental car company to get people to work for them. $210 a week for an Altima is just shy of $900 a month. That’s the same as the car payment for both of my house’s nice vehicles (and most of the insurance for them), but we’re fortunate enough that banks like us and we can buy or lease a car (and that doesn’t include insurance, maintenance, etc). For someone in her position, it seems to make more sense to shell over the couple hundred dollars a week in exchange for the supposed potential to make that at least twice over, and it’d be fine if she were able to do that, but again, point 1. Additionally, the Altima falls into the “full size” class of cars in Enterprise’s fleet, which is the most expensive class of sedan, according to a quick search on their site (though it does appear Uber probably actually rents from Enterprise by the month, based on the prices on Enterprise’s site, even if the agreement between Uber and drivers is week to week).
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