The Battle for Trump’s Healthcare and the Immunity of the Eye Care Industry

Since the passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), every healthcare industry has been plunged into a season of the unknown, save one thing: lower profits.

And the personal eye doctor has not been immune to these challenges.

Since the election of President Trump, many have looked forward to a promised change in governmental, regulated healthcare. The inability of a Republican-led congress to repeal Obama-care dashed those hopes. Now, President Trump, once again, has healthcare on his agenda. But at a speech on his 100th day office, he still promised coverage no matter a patient’s prior condition.

No matter one’s political affiliations, the future of healthcare, insurance, and the local eye doctor seems unsure.

Except one thing.

The local eye doctor has one thing that nearly every other health industry lacks: retail. In other words: your optical, your frames and lenses, can be your hope.

You see, the local general practitioner doesn’t have a retail end. They have procedure codes and their diagnoses. That’s it.

And while your optical department does have to interact with government regulation, not every one of their transactions does. You sell fashion as well. You sell sunglasses. You sell second pairs. And this is your hope.

No matter what this president, or any other president, has to say about healthcare, you, the eye doctor, have an opportunity to transcend those regulation and continue to make money, survive, and thrive.

So, focus on developing your frame sellers. Appeal to the fashion retail nature of your patients. Emphasize and motivate your staff to sell 2nd pairs. It is your immunity to the ever changing landscape of healthcare.

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Gordon Duncan
ProSight Success System