Scottish Independence -Why We Lost

Gordon Guthrie
Dec 31, 2014 · 6 min read

The Recent (Yet Seemingly So Distant) Past

The SNP went into the referendum on a core base of about 30% of the population minded to vote for Independance — and the very notion of an independent Scotland being slightly nebulous and unreal. The campaign made independence tangible, imaginable and normal — and produced a vote that nobody expected 18 months ago — and fair play to Alex, Nicola, Stephen Noon and all the rest.

  • No Way — about 16ish % of the electorate who simply don’t regard themselves as Scottish in the sense of a state-people — cheerfully British politically — happily Scottish in a range of other ways
  • Heart Yes, Head Yes — another 20ish % of the electorate.
  • Heart Yes, Head No — about 33ish % of the electorate.
  • Non-Scots And New Scots — about 8ish % of the population who weren’t born here (predominantly English — approx 3 Nos to 1 Yes)

The Answer Is ‘The Economy’

Yes’s policy on the currency was simply not credible — you might believe that a currency union was the right policy — but it wasn’t a credible policy when the 3 major Westminster parties said they wouldn’t back it — and it won’t be credible next time.

  • the banks

Strange Times

The strange times we live in flow from the relative strength of our position.

Stands Scotland Where She Did?

Definitely not. We lost the first round of this war — but we lost decisively — and if the vote were to be rerun tomorrow on we would lose by a bigger margin.

  • idiocy — “all Jim Murphy has ever done is make a safe Tory seat the safest Labour seat in Scotland”
  • self-rightousness — “No voters hate themselves, and Scotland”

    Gordon Guthrie

    Written by

    Former SNP Parliamentary Candidate — Quondam Computer Boffin

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