4th of July: a Fine Tradition of Work and Staying Ahead

You look at your calendar, and it’s already May or June of another New Year — time’s flying.

And there’s the 4th of July looming just weeks ahead.

Having labored on political campaigns from my early twenties until I was forty, it was always a given that Independence Day was a work day.

I was good with that.

The candidate is always out on the 4th: marching in a parade; attending a campaign barbecue event; greeting voters at the beach, or elsewhere engaging in ‘voter contact’ activities.

Communications staff, especially, have to pay attention: reporters, trackers, protesters and others with ill-intent can pop-up at any event on your candidate’s 4th of July public schedule.

Campaign gaffes that matter always seem to occur around holidays, when your guard is down.

Someone had to manage this process and pay attention, or it would generally fall to me and other press staff to clean up the mess.

So why not just take matters into one’s own hands? A proverbial no-brainer.

Despite the fact I generally no longer work campaigns, I still find myself using this holiday to stay ahead of the curve on a business project, or otherwise stay organized in furtherance of having my general act together.

Most everyone else I know? They leave town with the rest of the rat race, get caught up in highway and airport traffic, and realize it’s almost time to leave a day or two into their out of town foray.

And that’s just fine. I hope their time off is enjoyable.

Now, with a 14 year-old, I just explained I’ve never really used the 4th as a holiday time-out, and she said that makes a lot of sense.

She’s now reorganizing her cluttered room, cleaning out her over-stuffed closets, and deciding upon her summer reading list.

I like the fact she thinks this is just fine for the 4th.

Big picture, we get plenty of time off — and just got back from a Colorado lacrosse tournament. Next month, another nice destination for several weeks.

In due time, I’ll have my own rendezvous, once again, with the rat race.

But the 4th of July in my world is and always has been about staying ahead of the work game.

And with this short post, it’s now back to the writing project I’ve been working on for the past three days.

It will soon be done — very well done — and in the hands of a client just as they walk into the office from their own holiday.

They love that — and I’ll have used this time productively once again.

Wave that flag.