The Perfect Anecdote for Trump’s New Washington

This exquisite anecdote from a new @DraperRobert New York Times Travel section piece perfectly encapsulates Donald Trump’s new Washington and the comeuppance of the established order:

“Over dinner the other night at a not quite year-old Adams Morgan restaurant called Tail Up Goat, one of those casually urbane yet self-assured upscale spots that simply did not exist here 15 years ago, a liberal friend fretted that such places might lose their cultural foothold in a Trumpled ecosystem. “We’ll be back to steakhouses again,” she lamented over bialy with onion jam and trout roe and whole stuffed porgy with pistachio rice, both well prepared if overly ample.

“I strained to imagine the Tail Up Goat’s groovy young customers defecting en masse to Morton’s on Connecticut Avenue, a clubby haunt of Republican establishment types where, almost exactly two years earlier, a veteran conservative journalist munched on a cigar and scoffed while two D.C. nobodies named Corey Lewandowski and Hope Hicks sought to convince him that their new boss, Donald Trump, really was going to run for president this time. Mr. Lewandowski is now a Washington political consultant offering direct access to the Trump administration; Ms. Hicks is the White House deputy director for strategic communications; and the reporter, an unsuccessful candidate for a high post in the Trump administration.”