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In the desert southwest of New Mexico in America, August has been unusually mild and September downright cool, perhaps presaging an early fall. Despite all the ‘data’ presented by the author, indications in my area are those of a cooling trend, not a warming. Four years ago was unusually warm with many summer days having high temperatures well above 100 degrees F. June and July followed suit this year but highs moderated to just barely above 100 degrees F. Since the author’s claim that 90% of all global warming energy is absorbed by the oceans, it would seem reasonable to expect a dramatic hurricane season, but only one has made landfall on the east coast and it was rather puny as hurricanes go. Of course, seasonal and geological variations are expected with climate change, so the effects in a single area can’t be taken as an indicator for the entire planet. But it does seem to me that the data are inconsistent at best, with conflicting analysis depending on who is doing the analyzing. I fear that politicians exploiting and influencing studies for political and financial gains, thus I have considerable skepticism about any dramatic claims. What I want to hear is a voice of reason with solid, consistent data and unequivocal results. All I’ve heard to date is outrageous claims of impending disasters that never come to fruition. Case in point; just about none of Al Gore’s ‘inconvenient truths’ have materialized, but he made a small personal fortune from the production’s mandatory viewing in public schools. This does not instill confidence.