X-Trans: The Promise and the Problem
Jonathan Moore Liles

I am fairly sure that every digital camera in the terrible light your examples were taken in and subjected to this kind of anally retentive investigation will show artifacts. The reality is that in the 3 years I have been using X-Trans sensors I have rarely seen these effects and never as pronounced as the examples you have provided. In fact I have never seen the bleed into the eyes or teeth and wonder how you have even managed that.

Is the Fuji sensor perfect, probably not, does it produce images that have a feel different to any other sensor out there, yes. I am happy with the trade off personally. I like the way my images look, I am inspired by them, hell our eyes are very subjective wee beasties, maybe the imperfections are exactly why I like the images from these sensors. Here is a 100% crop of the Mona Lisa, I am seeing extreme pixelation (cracking) and colour bleed into the eyes, its just terrible, the Louvre should throw it away.


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