As Gordon Cooper Circles The Earth — May 16, 1963

Maj. Gordon Cooper in Faith 7 — the Space Race was becoming exciting.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player — NBC Radio — Gordon Cooper: Man In Space — May 16, 1963 — Gordon Skene Sound Collection.

As the Space Race gathered steam in the early 1960s, the excitement over each launch of a manned-space craft kept building momentum. The latest launch was Faith 7, piloted by Major Gordon Cooper. The objective was to keep a space-craft in orbit 22 times around the earth and for 34 hours in space, breaking the previous record of Wally Schirra of 7 orbits and six hours in space.

The launch was delayed until May 15th, owing to problems with a radar facility in Bermuda the previous day. The flight lasted until almost midnight on May 16th.

As was customary during this exciting time, just about everyone stopped what they were doing and glued themselves to radios and TV, gleaning every small piece of information and progress during the flight.

Here is one of the many programs aired during the flight of Faith 7, airing on NBC Radio on May 16, 1963. This one was aimed at the huge youth audience.

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