May 1, 1990 — A Hostage Release And A Mayday Celebration, Or Not.

Frank Reed — back in friendly territory — first thing he asked for was a Heinekens and a Medium Rare Steak.

May 1, 1990 — CBS World News Roundup — Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

May 1, 1990 — celebrating the release of former hostage Frank Reed, who was held in captivity for some three years before Syria negotiated his freedom. Reed was one of two hostages released in recent days. Fingers were crossed it was a sign more were on the way, but everybody knew the drill and holding ones breath wasn’t one of them. Still, Reed was happy to be home. After flying into Weisbaden West Germany, Reed reunited with his family and requested a Heinekens and a medium-rare Steak. The ordeal was now officially over. The emotional repair was yet to come.

Meanwhile, in other news — today was Mayday in Communist countries. The celebration in Moscow was noisy and at times got out-of-hand, with protestors demonstrating against the government of Mikhail Gorbachev. While Mayday in Beijing was acknowledged in a small way, almost to the point of not recognizing it, because of the demonstration and the violence of Tiananmen Square only a year earlier.

The U.S.-installed President of Panama, Guillermo Endara finished a breakfast meeting with vice-President Dan Quayle before heading over to meet with members of Congress to push for a $400 million aid package.

Teachers picketed the Governor’s mansion in Texas after Governor Bill Clements did what they considered the wrong thing; Clements decided to veto a bill to raise education through a half-cent hike in the State’s Sales tax.

And President Bush‘s War on Vegetables took a turn for the Couch Potato this day, as the President kicked off The Great American Workout by pumping a bicycle, shooting baskets and practicing his golf swing on the White House South Lawn with help from Fitness Czar Arnold Schwarzenegger.

And that’s a small taste of what happened, this May 1st 1990, as reported by The CBS World News Roundup.

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