The Lost Billie Holiday Interview — 1956

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Something rare, unique and never thought to have existed this weekend — an unaired interview from 1956 with Billie Holiday.

As is the case with so many legendary performers, so much of what was said, written or done has been covered to the point where there is very little left which could be considered new or even unique — it’s all been discovered and it’s all been pored over.

Except this one. As the story goes — this interview was conducted at radio station KNX in Los Angeles in 1956, on the occasion of the release of Billie’s then-latest album Velvet Mood as well as finishing up a stint at Jazz City in L.A., as well as a plug for her recently released autobiography Lady Sings The Blues. The interview is relaxed and informal. The questions cover a range of topics from the sessions to fishing.

But there was a problem. Even though the interview was anything but controversial, the sound of Billie’s voice was. The segment producer was concerned that Billie was slurring a lot of words, and Station Management determined she sounded loaded and refused to run the interview. The interview, slated to run that weekend, was quietly replaced by something else and the Billie Holiday interview never aired.

So it sat in a box and was largely forgotten about for almost 60 years. Until today.

This is the first time, since that recording in 1956 that this interview sees the light.

Knowing the story and the legend of Billie Holiday, this makes for an extra added dimension to a artist whose music and life have become so much a part of our cultural heritage. And you get to hear it.

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Originally published at on June 6, 2015.

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