The Alt-Right Propaganda Machine is Winning Because Americans Insist on Being Stupid: A Timeline of…

Great analysis, but the presentation does more harm than good in the big picture.

The overall tone of this article comes across to me as contemptuous of the average person. It turns me off…and worse, I fear it severely limits the potential impact of the article. The only people who will give it the attention the topic deserves are people who feel like their already far enough on the ‘good’ side of the line that they can indulge in contempt towards the rest of the world, (or trolls who want to cut out choice bits to quote in their flame-bait comments).

Face it, the folks in the media are just people. They’re in a tough business, and trying to get through their day, and support their families. Blessings on them for doing what they do, let’s help them do it better.

Likewise the american public. They’re not too stupid to understand. But their busy, they have a lot of other stuff on their mind, and they don’t like being talked down to. They’ll learn from people who they think #1) are like them and #2) like them.

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