Let’s Talk Strategies for Social Change
Joe Brewer

Joe Brewer Do you have ideas for how to increase the coordination and cohesiveness of the social energy that will counteract the forces of concentration of wealth?

On the ‘evil’ side, they have a simple game, or at least a simple objective: Maximize the wealth/power/control in the hands of the players. Nassim Nicolas Taleb would approve, because they are increasing the number of available options they have with every move.

On the other side, everyone else has a problem. Either play by the same rule — that is, maximize personal power/wealth — or find a different rule that will be equally compelling (that is, individuals will follow it persistently), AND will have equivalent impact on the overall social fabric when individuals DO act accordingly.

If the old rule is: “Take the action that has greatest probability of increasing my (or my team/tribes) power/wealth” — then an alternative new rule is: “Take the action that has the greatest probability of supporting a society (biosphere/world) that I want to live in.”

The old rule has a much simpler metric for success/failure of any action. Success is easy to count, and therefore feedback tends to come quickly enough to engage the dopamine reward systems for individual humans who play that way. Evolutionary psychology perspective suggests it will be challenging to supplant the old rule with this new one.

The key seems to be getting humans to act on the basis of inspiration (as opposed to acting out of fear).

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