Say What You Will
Dominique Matti

What do you hope to accomplish by posting this? I get the poetic, emotional truth. I have certain pain in my own history, and referencing that, I can feel empathy for what you seem to feel… but my take away from your writing is that anything I might do as a white man in North America is too little too late for you and anyone who feels what you feel. And that undermines my motivation and works against my feelings of empathy. Maybe you have a different purpose in posting this…? If so I’m curious to know what it might be. I’d like to work with you on what we can do in our short lifetimes to make the world a little better, I’m even willing to be there while you cry and rage sometimes, in the interest of seeing what can be done after the tears have stopped. But I would need to know that you also are honestly trying to look past the tears, and willing to build with what we have now, rather than mourning the unchangeable past.

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