Stavanger in Norway is the City of Street Art

“First day of school” by Polish Artist Etam Cru.

Stavanger in Norway is the City of Street Art. This affluent city has an edginess to it that we were not expecting when we arrived on their National Independence Day. The city was in full swing celebrating, and we were able to enjoy this before we went on a discovery mission to find the street art of Stavanger, Norway; no mean feat as it is spread far and wide. You can read more about visiting Stavanger here.

Stavanger in Norway lies on the northwest coast of the North Sea. As the fourth largest city in Norway, the discovery of oil in the North Sea near Stavanger changed the city enormously. In saying that it looks anything but an industrial city. While it is also home to NATO’s Warfare Centre, the town looks pristine, and let’s face it ..very affluent.

It is also known as, Stavanger, the city of street art. Some of the worlds most influential artists have their works in Stavanger. You will find this urban art in the most unlikely places, making it a wonderful way to discover the city of Stavanger, as you hunt down these works.

Logan Hicks, US Street Artist

Stavanger has their Nuart Festival. “Nuart hosts an annual festival for national and international artists who operate outside of the traditional art establishment”. We were excited to see a Fintan MaGee in Stavanger because he has also painted in our hometown, of Wollongong, Australia where we have the Wonderwalls Street Art Festival in Wollongong

French artists Ella & Pitr
Fintan MaGee in Stavanger, Norway
How and Noms are twins from Spain, who live in NY
Spanish Borondo

There are more images, and more information about Stavanger, and a lot of street art around the world, on our website, Contented Traveller.