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3 min readFeb 2, 2023

Production of bio/synthetic energy sources and reduction of
exhaust emissions and CO

Where are today’s challenges?

Mindful and intelligent action is needed to meet the challenges of climate change. The combustion of fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases and produces particulate matter that is harmful to health. Regardless of all the negative aspects, they are still the most important source of energy on our planet. A rapid exit is not possible, as fossil fuels are the most important basis of the global economy. Hundreds of millions of incinerators are in operation worldwide.

The immediate solution are technologies that make existing fossil fuel systems more efficient, climate friendly and provide an answer on how to substitute existing energy sources with synthetically generated ones. ReduX Technologies AG is a Swiss company with technologies that offer revolutionary solutions to these burning problems and set entirely new standards.

Breakthrough technology for sustainable energy and better air

The MORF (Molecular Refraction) process enables the conversion of residual materials such as biomass (e.g. wood and wood residues), organic materials (e.g. household waste), waste oil/fats, sludge and plastic waste (e.g. used tires/mixed plastics) into high-quality fuels, heating oil/diesel, gas, gasoline and kerosene, and thus also CO₂-neutral into electricity and heat. Low-grade organic residues can thus be industrially converted into high-quality energy sources. The extracted solid remains bound as long-term carbon and are fed to the soil as black earth in agriculture.

The conversion process with MORF technology takes place within minutes, whereas the natural formation process of crude oil takes millions of years.

Problem solver ReduX converter for road transport, aviation and shipping
Less fuel consumption, fewer exhaust emissions

The ReduX-Converter is a device for flexible use and possible application could be in cars, buses, trucks, large vehicles, municipal vehicles and even open-sea and inland vessels. It can also be used in helicopters and airplanes. The ReduX-Converter has proven itself in numerous field tests over many years. It has been installed in coaches, trucks and other large vehicles, including those made by Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, MAN, DAF and Scania.

In marine engines, the ReduX converter achieves fuel savings of up to 22% and emission reductions of up to 70%. The ReduX technology has already been recognized and tested by several institutes and has already received a “Green Award”.

The next steps

There are more than 3 billion engines in operation that generate energy by burning fossil fuels. The contribution to reducing energy consumption or emissions through ReduX technology is enormous and of global significance.

The rollout of the entire project will take place in three phases.

Phase 1
Already started and to be rolled out by 2024 in the DACH region (Germany / Austria / Switzerland). With a potential sales volume of EUR 97.2 million by 2024.

Phase 2
Is concurrent with Phase 1 and includes the participation of the first technology companies from Japan and China, possibly also South Korea.
Additional focus will be placed on international transportation (shipping, air, rail). The forecast for the potential sales volume is around EUR 2 billion.

Phase 3
Expansion takes place worldwide with focus on EU, China and USA. Markets will be developed with local partners and Joint Ventures. Model forecasts see potential sales of EUR 20.6 billion.
All forecasts assume a conservative market penetration of 0.1 to 0.75%. The positive contributions from CO₂ credits and CO₂ certificates are not included.

Investing in the future

ReduX is a Swiss high-tech company offering a new type of blockchain investment with a focus on environmental sustainability. The company has advanced revolutionary technologies that offer breakthrough solutions to two of the most pressing issues facing the world today — energy and global emissions.

In addition, with the future business strategy, the $REDUX token provides an easy way to move from crypto markets to shares in mainstream capital markets. The tokenomics of the project also show that the future tokens offer additional benefits, such as the participation in CO₂ certificates that ReduX Technologies AG acquires with its technologies. ReduX-Technologies AG currently has no competition in the market and market entry is immediately possible and already planned. The company, therefore enjoys the first-mover advantage.

It is undeniable that solutions and adaptations are needed for climate impacts to protect people, homes, businesses, livelihoods, infrastructure, and natural ecosystems. ReduX technology offers several revolutionary processes that positively impact and provide sustainable solutions for current as well as future environmental impacts. Climate action requires significant financial investment, but inaction is far more expensive in the medium to long term.

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