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Sinema going Independent splits the Arizona party. Sure she’s not very popular there now, but say the Republican candidate does poorly and only gets 40%. That leaves Sinema and the endorsed Democrat to split the other 60%.

Also that hurts the Democrat Presidential candidate in 2024. Here’s what the outgoing vice chair of the Arizona party has to say. Her decision could also make it harder for Democrats to carry Arizona on the presidential level again in two years, if she spends two years attacking her party and splintering its successful coalition.

“It does make things more difficult for Joe Biden, but I don’t think she cares at all.”




First I’m a Trump supporter. Second I don’t deny who the President is. Third we need to move on.

Trump overall has helped mostly Congress folks and a few Senators and a governor or two. But we need to realize that he also hurt Republicans in the mostly blue states and a few congressional districts.

Also as much as it pains me, Republicans need to join the early voting and mail in. Many of the races Republicans are starting off in a hole. By election day they are behind.

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